Quantifying Uncertainty in Ecosystem Studies

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12/14/2019 6:59 am  #1

Sex experience

How was your sex experience with a fat ass girl?


12/14/2019 5:09 pm  #2

Re: Sex experience

I am not normally attracted to fat women, I have a long history of tall, willowy blondes, and this woman was not only quite fat but was also quite short and a brunette. But there was something about her. https://escortsitelausanne.com/w80-100/

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12/15/2019 1:15 pm  #3

Re: Sex experience

I personally don't mind that there are guys out there that have the same preference as mine. My expectation is that if you are going to say that you want someone who's extremely fit and has no belly fat, then you should hold yourself to that standard. Fat girls can be sexy

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12/18/2019 4:59 am  #4

Re: Sex experience

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