Quantifying Uncertainty in Ecosystem Studies

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fun watch , great story , great acting
   Arantxa Zepeda de Leon
comfy and blocks out light
   Joel Richardson
most common dryer breakdown.  fixed it in like ten minutes just look online for repair instructions.  local shoppes wanted 10-15 bucks for same part
   Nadia Juarez
I was a little nervous about buying a frame like this for my boyfriend's autographed Jason Witten jersey, because most of the do-it-yourself jersey frames I have seen look kind of sloppy. But I figured the $73 in comparison to $500ish we were looking at to have it professionally framed was worth a shot. I am so glad I bought this frame! It really looks great. The jersey fits in the frame very nicely, and you cannot see the hanger at all! It turned out so much nicer than I expected.  I would definitely recommend this frame.
My only recommendation would be that they offer the hinges on the side of the frame in silver as well as gold, but I don't think we will notice the hinges much once its hung on the wall.
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